About Us

We design, manufacture and sell slush and cold drink machines to a wide range of businesses and customers around the world. Our origins, born of innovation and change of mind-set, give us a new vision for our industry and drive us to develop new opportunities by putting the needs of our customers and distributors at the centre. We work as a team with them to develop products and services in line with the needs of each market and type of business. We manufacture high quality machines in an efficient, meticulous and sustainable way. We pay attention to detail to guarantee the quality of our machines and we respond to potential problems proactively.

We want to be a benchmark company in the refrigeration sector in the Horeca world. Connecting it with the new realities and customs of society, through a qualitative leap in technology, design and customer service. Starting from our experience, and extending it, to cover the whole range of machinery and accessories that favour the success of our customers and distributors. We aspire to position ourselves as the example to follow within the Horeca channel, through advanced and quality services, and improving the end user experience of our machines.

We are people with a common passion, open to innovation, committed to quality and working together to achieve the best results. We promote technological, productive and human improvement and innovation; encouraging our team to grow and develop as professionals by sharing talent, knowledge and enthusiasm for the project that unites us. We create a community of workers, suppliers, distributors and customers to move forward together, because our success is linked to the success of those with whom we cooperate.

Extended Family Feeling

It is a global work philosophy. A concept that brings together a whole work philosophy on which we rely to develop our daily activity. It makes us understand that we are part of a project made up of the different companies involved in the development of the business.

It is design thinking at a global level. It goes beyond the product, its characteristics and its aesthetics and involves all working processes in which any element is related to us. Promotes a holistic view of the business.

It is based on empathy for a better understanding of the needs of all actors and the context. It focuses on people and their needs, from production to final use, to find the best solution

It is simplicity, order and usefulness. It is a facilitator and seeks the highest return on investment in time, effort and money

It is looks to the future, towards the creation of new lines of business and new trends in work and consumption.

Find Us

C/ Tramuntana, 10
46716 Rafelcofer
Valencia, España
Tel. +34 962 801 112
Email: hola@v-air.es


If you share our vision and want to be part of our team, send an email with your CV to:


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