Lifestyle trends

Consumers adopt new global and novel consumption habits, and the ability to adapt to each new consumer trend often determines the success or failure of a business. With our current range of machines, we can offer the most fashionable products in the cold drinks sector in a simple way and with the highest quality. Natural slushies, isotonic, alcoholic... update your slush offer with our slush machines.

Smoothies, frappés, frozen cocktail... Get the widest variety with our DREAM machine

Iced tea, juices... adapt your cold drinks with our coolers.


Making a product stand out is key to promoting its consumption. Our machines offer different solutions to catch consumers’ attention among other impulse buy products.

Slush machines and coolers with infinite and novel customization possibilities

Our high capacity slush machine with the most innovative design.

Frozen Cocktail

Offering a quality Frozen Cocktail with an elegant design is possible and simple thanks to the specific programs of our machines for this kind of product. Add this trendy drink to your product offer with the best machines.

Slush machines designed to work with alcohol.

Frozen cocktail with the most elegant and efficient design.

High demand

High capacity machines for businesses with high consumption levels. We design machines that offer agile and simple working and cleaning processes, for businesses such as theme parks, sports facilities, festivals, events ...

Discover our high capacity machine.

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